Wednesday, 30 November 2011


haha..i start to missing my friend ,,
don't wanna text they but missed them..although the holiday,but i don't  go any trip holiday
my mom say if we found people that hate me juz kick her,,haha

  • nazifa izzaty shaharim shah (epa)

she a kind girl that does not like to show off and 
like to laugh although it does not funny
  • siti najihah muhammad al-awal (amoi)
this is my buddy,,haha she is a loaded one
she always there when im alone,,always fight with her
  • siti aisyah ghazali (tekik)
like to playing with me haha.. she kind of
 girl that like to force us,,
  • aziera nasir
she the one that always make our member happy
the only one that like to joke...
  • shahira amran

the girl like to play around with her member
no body like to make she angry
  • daniya fauzilan

haha,,she is very talkative,like to do such a nuisance
thing..make people worries about her
  • najihah anak kadir 
no body know about her personalities..
she that kind of KEREK girl..but maybe not!
  • syafawani halil (tekik)
now she pindah at perak,,not longer with us
and also never join us after this

missing yoouu>>

when i was bored i always think about you..i juz wanna know that did can't be strong,i can't be taffy its who i am gotta bet along..where you go?? kisses..behind this wall,juz walk through in.. you think about me..
juz now  i have sent my credit to you ...
did you thank?? although you know that i like you, are you does not have feeling to me
i know that you have another relation but ,,
i hate this because i love yooouu..

Sunday, 20 November 2011

pump it3@zz

hope have a good vacation although i have 
to live in this way...
  • need to go tuition to have an extra class
  • mother plizz help me..
  • have to live with my sibling
  • they all like an evil that come disturb my life..
  • my sis and aunty look like bringing me to jail
  • have to study and prepare for pMr     
  •  god plizz help me from this situation....      
  • start to missing someone that can't be seen after this..
  • need to start forgetting her
  • spend 100 ringgit hahaha