Thursday, 27 October 2011

sunny day with ice-cream~

a boring day with  laptop about watching korean drama..a bad story that made im not satisfished with that story ,
TENSION MAKCIK..i got a fight with my friend..i felt sorry for her..althought it is small case i hope she is not in touch with me,,beloved friend~.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

sejarah day's:)

i have finished a book of 'buku sejarah'
makes me have a splitting headache..i woke in the afternoon at 
1 o' i have a breakfast in the afternoon..soon i did not have a bath and then i chat with my sister that is  going back to hostel.. i wonder why my school not going back but it is make me happy!!well then i' start to read from chapter 4 until i finished it..what a shame that i cant do math..oh my god~help me in exam  

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


aha..exam is around the corner..i need to study hard.. 
i have made a delicious and scrumptious spaghetti hahaha
i made this by my own from the head of the spaghetti to the toe..
the first thing that i have made..

  • beautiful hand make scrumptious foood
  • how to make spaghetti
  • learn from my sister
  • at the pharmasi
  • have swollen by my stomach about a minute ago

Saturday, 15 October 2011

red carpet~

my beLatEd bEsDay~

y besday igot a big surprize from best ever-ever!!
they give me a pail of wa# mter that mushy-mushy smell..its downy ~nila~powder.. i look likes a monster!!!the first person that wish me is my bestfriend,amoi, that has when im need, and last one that wish me is mira idora... she is the person that i admire most..
i got nice card from my member ..althought it juz a simple card but it a very special thing that my friend can make for me..
my aunt and my sister also gave me a special things
i thought that they dont remember my birthday cuz on the midnight of my birthday they all sleep early..